A common misconception about how to make money

As you enter

This article said, “The data is good, but will I get a good job if I get a Ph.D. What degree do I need to get a job?” Is the answer.

Cheryl Sandberg wrote and wrote a book called’Lean In’ and in a bad situation like this, the trend is blaming the country, blaming the society and blaming the environment, not blaming’lack of personal effort’. . There are more people hit by the game than those who aren’t solved by lack of effort.

But in fact, at the individual level, it’s more selfish to do as much as I can than to wait for something social to change. In this messy game right now, the only thing a person can do is trap no votes except for votes. It’s hard to go out for a demo because it’s the first thing to eat and live from a child’s perspective.

Therefore, the following is’How does an individual make money?’ It is not such as’making ideal money’ or’a model that a country or society should ideally pursue.’ No matter how crime is the offender’s fault, it is much more effective from my selfish point of view not to open the door with a lock and to open the door of the door, rather than demonstration to solve the security problem if I live in a bum zone.

Become a’Want to Pay’ Person

One of the biggest harms of being brainwashed as you grow up is’rewarding your hard work’. Or’You have to study hard to make money’.

Nope. The way to make money, unless I make money out of it, I get money if the other party offers me something I want to give me money. I didn’t teach you this very natural thing. The way to make money in a somewhat stable economy is exchange. I give something and the other person gives me money.

So what do you need to offer to get a lot of money? This is the right question. ‘If you try hard, you get money’ error. Causality is not proof. But instead of worrying about answering this essential question, we take steps to step back.

  1. If you study hard, it’s good to get a job and earn money.
  2. If you have a pretty face, you will marry a handsome man and become a wife.
  3. Become a celebrity and earn money.

Now, not all of the above sentences have a direct connection to’receiving money’. Study hard → get a job → get a lot of money. So, you don’t have to worry about making money now, you can worry about studying hard.

However, in order to do so, it has to be linked that if you study hard, you will get a job for a good job. What if there are too many people who have studied hard to get a job? The link is broken. What if you get a job and your salary level suddenly goes down? It also breaks the link. The most obvious link is this.

  1. Make a distance of 100 percent money → Get money.

Then how are you going to make money?! I think it’s quick to think from a person who wants to give money.

People spend money on’making me comfortable/fun/full’. I go to the restaurant and pay, and I spend money on my job. By the way, what you want is Jung-gu heating, and there are few people who want to give money, so you can provide a decent service and get a small amount of money from several people (business model) or find a few people/company that want to continue giving money. Go ahead and provide the labor force wholesale there (salary model).

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