Corona 19 changed the future?…’2020 Population Story Popcorn’

Corona19 has advanced the future. In the aftermath of’Corona 19′, the domestic service industry in the first quarter of this year was extremely sluggish in the face-to-face industries, mainly in tourism-travel, food-stay, and theater-based cultural services.

The most notable is the increase in single-person households and the appearance of homes. The upcoming trends include △digital conversion, △distribution of non-face-to-face distribution services, and △home economy industry.

Money Today, which created a new sensation with the Population Story’POP CON’ last year, will also hold a ‘2020 Population Story Popcorn’ concert at the SKY31 convention of Lotte World Tower on the 17th. The theme is the reconstruction of space, the future ahead of Corona 19.

In the future 1-city of population and space, Lee Kwang-jae and Democratic Party Democratic Party Democratic Party’s’No.1 Quality of Life, Platform City’, Kyungnam Governor’Gyeongnam Governor’s New Space Strategy’Southeastern Mega City’ beyond Seoul Metropolitan Area, Kim Se-yong, Seoul Housing City Corporation The president’s’City of the Future Comes A Little Early’ is covered.

The Future of the Population and Space 2-Organizers Samsung Electronics’ Smart Home Appliances & Home loT’s Senior Vice President’Evolved Smart Home and Evolution of User Experience’, Young-Shin Kim, GS E&C’s New Business Division’s’Smart Home and Data Platform’, Young-Joon Choi Timon This leads to’Digital Native Generation Shopping’ by Vice President of Finance,’Health Care in Non-face-to-face Society’ by Professor Sang-Woo Oh, Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital, and’EduTech 2.0′ by Vice President of Smart Studies, Seung-Gyu Lee.

The population problem is the area that deals with the future. It can feel that far. However, it is in direct contact with our lives. Population structure causes a change in space. Our homes and cities change with this structure.

The increasing number of single-person households, the reconstruction of the reconstructed space, and the change in the space experienced by Corona 19 are only the beginning. It can be a future experience. We listen to our homes and cities to listen to experts.

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